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Trans-Siberian Railway

The train departs from the city of Moscow, at the Yaroslavl Station and travels eastward until it reaches the last stop, the city of Vladivostok. If you were to take this train from beginning to end, it would take you 7-8 days!


Wear a red rubber nose in Russia!

What does this mean? If you remember Patch Adams, a 1998 movie played by Robin Williams, then you’ll comprehend. This film, based on the true life story of doctor, Patch Adams, relates on his humanitarian works. And, for the past 25 years, he has been, according to Grout (2008),  “leading clown delegations to Russia. Volunteer clowns of all ages, sizes, and persuasions spend two weeks spreading frivolity in Russian orphanages, hospitals, prisons, mental institutions, and nursing homes. They also clown around in subways, hotels, restaurants and city streets. The idea, says Adams, is ‘to promote joyful living and relieve suffering, something that isn’t limited to public institutions.’

” Volunteers spend a week each in Moscow and St. Petersburg, spreading, as Adams says, ‘as much fun and love as is humanly possible.’ Other goals for the yearly trip he leads with his brother, Wildman, are to help volunteers find their inner clown selves, experience group intimacy, and expose themselves to the discrepancy between rich and poor.

” Besides doing all that, volunteers will also visit the Kremlin and Red Square while in Moscow…and Palace Square and Nevsky Prospekt in St. Petersburg.

“The two-week Russian trip  costs $4,625 and includes airfare from Washington, DC, hotel accommodations, meals, all bus rides, the train to St. Petersburg from Moscow, and $150 that Adams adds on so that his Russian friends and orphans can join in the fun.”

To learn more, contact: Gesundheit! Institute, P.O. Box 50125, Arlington, VA 22205,  Wildman Adams, 6855 Washington Boulevard, Arlington, VA 22213, 540-298-4589

Learn about the experience by clicking on this site:

Reference: Grout, Pam (2008). The 100 best worldwide vacations to enrich your life. Location: National Geographic Society.

You can learn Classic Russian Art in 1 hour

at Catherine the Great’s Academy, in St. Petersburg!

After visiting the Hermitage, and the Russian Art Museum in St. Petersburg, why not try making russian art for yourself? Here, at Catherine the Great’s Academy, you can experiment for yourself the making of contemporary Russian art. These russian art classes, or Master Classes, are given through ArtTours. ArtTours is held by a group of St. Petersburg artists who are interested in giving tourists their own feel for contemporary russian art. According to Grout (2008), these master classes include ” painting, …sculpture, stained glass, jewlery, art restoration, and russian theater and ballet.”  Grout (2008) adds on that these classes “are taught by professors at the academy adn take place either at studios inside the opulent school, at artists’ private workshops, or at nearby Peterhof in a former nobleman’s mansion….The master classes are custom designed and can run anywhere from five days to three months. Master classes start at 10 euros ($15) an hour. The price for the two-hour workshops ranges from 5 euros(about $7.50) for pictorial art to 30 euros ($ 45) for jewelry making.”

To learn more, contact ArtTours: ArtTours, 7 Mytninskaya Street, St. Petersburg 191144, Russia, 7-812-320-1072,

Reference: Grout, Pam (2008). The 100 best worldwide vacations to enrich your life. Location: National Geographic Society.

White Nights in St. Petersburg

This is the time of year when daylight is at its longest. The average daytime is 19 hours . It occurs during the end of May until the beginning of June. The longest day is June 21/22. Additionally, when visiting St. Petersburg during White Nights, most tourists enjoy a boat tour along the Neva River.

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