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Remember him?…

“The Museum has been created on the basis of the Cabinet (museum) of Fine Arts and Antiquities of the Moscow University as an educational and public institution where the most important periods of art history from the ancient times to the New Age have been represented: in plaster casts, maquettes, pictorial and galvanic copies, in accordance with the unique scientific program.” (

Alexander Pushkin…

famous russian poet,  is thus far remembered through the famous Pushkin Museum. This renowned museum is located in St. Petersburg. It’s fine art collection, filled with history and talent, draws attention to many visitors from all over.

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Hermitage Museum

The Hermitage Museum, a famous Russian museum located in St. Petersburg, alongside Neva River, contains more than 3,000,000 items in its collection. Within this collection, a visitor may find art collections of Catherine II, also know as Catherine the Great, “8,000 paintings of the Flemish, French, Dutch, Spanish, and Italian schools as well as superb modern works, with many by Rembrandt, Rubens, Picasso, and Matisse. The art collections also include the art of India, China, Egypt, pre-Columbian America, Greece, and Rome, as well as Scythian art from the Eurasian steppe. There are tapestries, ivories, and furniture. The Heroic Past of the Russian People includes the War Museum and a tribute to Peter the Great.” (Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, 2009)

The Hermitage Museum has two important buildings: the White Palace, which is the central building and the Mikhailovsky Palace, which exclusively contains Russian art.

Interiors of a palace St. George Hall Winter Palace Hermitage Museum St. Petersburg Russia


Interiors of a palace St. George Hall Winter Palace Hermitage Museum St. Petersburg Russia. (year). from Image Collection database. Retrieved from

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Wave “Hello” to Siberian Seals

Imagine… trekking Lake Baikal. It’s a beautiful scenery: sandy/pebbly beaches with bright blue waters, awesome campsites with trails that lead you closer to nature and be able to view various kinds of animals unique to siberia, such as the brown bear, nerpa (siberian seal), omul salmon, golomyanka, sturgeon, lake whitefish, and so on.

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Dive Under Ice!

“The only European sea fully covered with ice in the winter- and one of the few places in the world where the ocean actually freezes- Russia’s White Sea is a diver’s adventure paradise. Brave the cold and come explore in late winter after the snows have melted, when the melon-headed Beluga whale swims giddily below the surface despite average water temperatures of -3°C.” (Witt, 1998, p. 221)

“Ice diving in the White Sea!?!…That’s crazy!”, you might think; but divers enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature, deep sea… even under extreme temperatures.

During the months of February through April, in Kindo Cape, Russia, expert divers enjoy ice diving in the White Sea. They drive their snowmobile on the lake’s surface,  put on their wetsuit  ” in a heated, mobile wooden shelter that rests atop the ice. After sawing through the 1.5m-thick ice, [they] hop through the surface with [their] underwater flashlight, connected to the world above via a single safety rope.”  (Wett, 2008,  p. 221) Then, the adventure really begins. They dive, passing “ice hummocks, rifts, cavities and caves minnowing past tall underwater arches and vertical rocks overgrown with sea anemones, sponges, and hydroids.” (p. 221)

Then ” underwater rocks abruptly disappear into the pitch black depths of the ocean, while kelp sways gently atop laminaria gardens and mussel plantations. The sea’s soft coral is home to a unique marine life: wolf-fish, basket fish and pinogor, as well as more exotic species such as lancet fish, eelpout, gunnels and the rare scorpian fish. ” ( p.221)

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Reference: Greg Witt. 2008. Ultimate Adventures: A rough guide to adventure travel. New York, NY: Rough Guides Ltd.


The Kremlin

Kremlin: A symbol of Russian political power and authority. It’s the official residence of the President of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Medvedev. The Kremlin is composed of many buildings, including towers, cathedrals, palaces, etc.


Kamchatka Peninsula

  • This peninsula lies between the Sea of Okhotsk, on the west,  and the Pacific Ocean and Bering Sea, on the east.
  • Two mountain ranges  extend along the peninsula, the Sredinny (“Central”) and Vostochny (“Eastern”).
  • 127 volcanoes exist here. 22 of them are are still active.
  • Active geysers and hot springs are also found within the peninsula.
  • Climate here is severe, with prolonged, cold, and snowy winters and wet, cool summers.
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